We’ve teamed up with some of our favourite rum brands to offer bar industry folk, rum fans and rum novices alike, a free (yes that’s right) 1.5 hour rum masterclass where guests can smell, taste and learn about individual rums, as well learn how to mix (and drink) the ideal rum cocktail.

Pre booking essential*.

2017 Monthly Rum Masterclass Schedule

Wednesday 25th Jan

Angostura (6pm)

Wednesday 22nd Feb

Brugal rum ( 6pm)

Wednesday 29th March

Stroh rum ( 6pm)

Wednesday 26th April

Matusalem rum (6pm)

Wednesday 31st May

Hechicera rum (6pm)

Wednesday 28th June

Westerhall rum (6pm)

Wednesday 26th July

Havana rum ( 6pm)

One-Night-Only Rum Dinner

On the last Wednesday of each month a special one-night-only menu will be on offer, incorporating the monthly highlight rum into a starter, main dish and dessert. Dishes will be available in the restaurant and priced individually.
If you are not attending a masterclass but would like to book dinner to try the one-night-only rum menu please book as normal with the restaurant.


*How to Book a Rum Masterclass

All classes are free but must be pre-booked.  Classes take place at our Notting Hill rhum shack. Please note: spaces are offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

Email jo@rhumshack.co.uk

or call the restaurant on: 0207 243 0090.


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